PRP Therapy and Hair Loss! What is it? Let’s talk.

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PRP therapy and hair loss. Otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma therapy. The PRP treatment is relatively new and is now becoming very popular and helping massively with those who are experiencing hair loss from thinning the procedure is. However, more effective on thinning hair rather than balding areas. PRP treatment works if an individual’s hair follicles or hair roots are healthy; the growth of the individuals hair is also healthy. Hair follicles survive on nutrition which comes from the blood supply.

PRP consists of individuals own blood plasma concentrated with 3-5 numbers times the number of platelets which are found in normal circulating blood. These concentrated platelets contain protein and growth factors which attract stem cells, these help stimulate hair follicle growth, increase circulation to hair follicles and decrease inflammation.

PRP Procedure

PRP Procedure

This quick injection involves the collection and concentration of your platelets using a straightforward three-step process.

  • Approximately 60cc of your blood is collected placed in a centrifuge and spun for approximately 15 minutes
  • When the centrifuge has stopped spinning the blood components, including the concentrated platelets, will have been separated from the whole normal blood.
  • The PRP that contains abundant growth factors is then injected into the scalp where hair thinning is present.

You may experience some sensitivity or minor discomfort when the injections are made. However, the procedure is done with an excellent needle to minimise any pain. At the Hair Dr we utilise effective anesthetic solutions to minimise discomfort.

There are many benefits of using PRP treatment to promote healing for hair growth. Highly concentrated growth factors in the form of platelets have been shown to stimulate new hair growth to thicken thin hair and make hair transplants grow thicker, healthier and much stronger.

Who is a suitable PRP candidate?

who is suitable for hair loss treatment

If an indivudal who suffers from poor hair growth as well as weak hair, then this would be the ideal candidate for the PRP treatment. The treatment may also be beneficial for those who suffer from alopecia. At the Hair Dr, we would recommend you speak with one of our specialists to discuss this further.

Recovery time after PRP treatment

Downtime or a recovery period after a PRP procedure isn’t needed, patients can continue their everday life after undergoing the treatment. The beauty of the PRP treatment is that an individual can resume there typically daily routine after a couple of hours, an individual will even be able to style their hair. It is even possible to wash and condition hair.

However as with any treatment, you can expect some side effects, and in some cases an individual may experience some inflammation and redness after the treatment is completed. Rest assured there is no need to worry.

It is advisable not to use harsh chemicals after treatment, for instance, colouring or perming. Please allow 72 hours after the treatment.

Is it a permanent procedure?

It usually takes 6-9 months to see results after PRP hair loss treatment. An individual may need three treatments which require four weeks apart. For the maintenance of the results, we require an additional treatment every 6-12 months. This will give you the best results.

So why PRP?

PRP therapy and hair loss
  • The treatment is proved to have minimal side effects.
  • It has a short recovery in comparison to surgery.
  • PRP is an invasive procedure.
  • The PRP treatment is an affordable way for you to improve your hair density without surgery or harmful side effects.
  • Amazing results.

Even though the treatment has excellent results and it’s still best to do as much research as possible, we feel further research will be necessary on making sure the PRP is offered with the right protocols.

Get in touch

You may have tried everything and feel like there is no way out. Here at the Istanbul Beauty Center we understand the frustration and want to reassure you we are here to help you. If you are noticing thinning, we know what you’re going through we know the insecurities you might be feeling and overall suffering. After all, for a lot of men and women, it can be traumatizing because so much of who you are comes with your identity, appearance and the way you present yourself to the world. And your hair is a big part of that. It can be something out of your control. At the Hair Dr, we want to make sure you feel free and to help you on your hair journey! and we are in it together.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us today on either method Call: +90 552 689 40 43. Email: alternatively you can book a free consultation via our website.

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