Vacation and Dental Treatment in Turkey

Due to increasing treatment costs, dental travel has become one of the popular travel methods. You have to create two separate budgets for your dental treatment and vacation in your country. In order to have a good smile, your priority is your dental treatment and you need to postpone your vacation. If you think you are undecided among these options, we have a great suggestion for you. How about a holiday and a confident smile? Vac & Cure Health Tourism Agency, you will have a unique smile as a treatment; has created a dental holiday plan where you will spend your time in the most enjoyable way by taking your holiday.

Do You Know the Advantages of Dental Treatment in Turkey?

Dental Treatment option in Turkey is very popular recently. This is because Turkey is among the top 10 tourism destinations in the world. With its captivating image of the exotic mix of Europe and Asia, Turkey offers an astonishing vision of culture, history, archeology, magnificent panoramas and blue flag beaches. Our experienced dentists are successful at a level that can compete with the quality of health institutions abroad. You can get the best dental treatment at affordable cost and in the most comfortable way. You can feel at home in our Istanbul / Bodrum / Izmir Clinics, which are among the most popular holiday locations in Turkey. Dental clinics in Turkey have the most technologically advanced equipment, so the success rate is quite high. Most of these institutions are accredited by international organizations and the Turkish Ministry of Health. You can get your treatment and enjoy your trip without being stuck with waiting lists in your country and long appointment times.

Turkey is a totally safe country to travel with young children and family. Regardless of your age, you can enjoy Turkey. There are many places to visit for solo travelers, senior vacationers and couples. You don’t have to worry about the seasons either. Turkey enjoys sunshine most of the year. Our summers are hot and winters are quite mild. Most hotels offer many options such as saunas and jacuzzis. Do not forget to try the traditional Turkish baths. You will never end what you can do in Turkey while undergoing dental treatment.

We take pride in relieving their pain and distress with modern dentistry methods. Your plan to visit Turkey for dental care will be the most exciting experience of your life.

Why Should You Plan Your Dental Travel in Turkey with  ISTANBUL BEAUTY CENTER ?

ISTANBUL BEAUTY CENTER  serves as a Health Tourism agency with promotion centers in England and the Netherlands. It is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health to organize holidays and treatment for international patients. Health institutions and hotels in our network consist of certified organizations that provide reliable service. Our experienced team works to make you feel safe and is trained to solve all problems in the best way possible. We have created a unique combination for your vacation and treatment plan. We have a good organization network in the most popular holiday locations in Turkey. The main mission of our company is to bring you together with the most experienced Turkish health professionals in order to solve your health problems and ensure that you receive the best treatment under appropriate conditions. We understand that you may feel anxious because you don’t know what to expect before you come to our country. Therefore, throughout the treatment process in Turkey; We will be with you in all processes with our team that will provide translation service, transfer and accommodation. We are determined to make your visit to Turkey as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. We believe that a healthy-looking smile should be accessible to everyone.

We offer dental treatments in Turkey such as Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Dental Crowns, Smile Makeup, All On 4 Procedure and Laser Professional Teeth Whitening. Our dentists and surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in aesthetic dentistry procedures. Our translator, who translates in your language, will act with you throughout the entire treatment process. Thus, you will be able to communicate easily during your consultation and treatment.

What are the Stages of Dental Travel?

  • Determine the location where you want to be treated and have a unique holiday experience in Turkey. Our expert team can give you detailed information about the clinics and options in Istanbul/İzmir and Bodrum.
  • After deciding on the holiday and treatment plan, our teammate in our international patient unit will contact you and give you information in your language.
  • You can make a preliminary consultation with our experienced team by sending your treatment plan, dental x-ray or intraoral photos prepared in your own country. In this way, you can learn the time you need to stay for your treatment, the stages of the treatment before and after the treatment, and the preliminary cost information.
  • If you want Accommodation, Transfer and Translation services to be performed by us, please inform our teammates. Your travel package plan will be prepared for you and the most cost-effective combination of vacation and treatment will be created. We will fix your reservation and accommodation in the health institution by paying 10% of the treatment fee to the foreign currency accounts of Vac& Cure Health Tourism Agency for the pre-reservation process and % for the accommodation fee. For this, as  ISTANBUL BEAUTY CENTER  Company, we will issue you the first invoice.
  • You can plan your flight details according to the cleared holiday location and date.
  • The final details regarding your 100% finalized treatment and holiday plan will be sent to you by our team members via a form via e-mail. Final arrangements are made according to the mail approval and the Patient Consent forms are sent to you to fill out.
  • After your flight, you will be transferred from the airport to the hotel by our teammates.
  • On the day of treatment, you will be taken from your hotel by a transfer vehicle and taken to the health institution. We will be with you at every stage of the treatment. When your treatment planning is finished, you will make the rest of the payment to the health institution. A second invoice will be issued by our health institution in detail.
  • During the treatment process, you can evaluate our restaurant and bar recommendations with the best location for you. We will be planning the places to visit and all the other details of the holiday for you.
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